2017 Fall HOMES

2017 Fall HOMES

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- Where Drama Meets Ease: Design duo Lynn Rahn and Brooke Rahn Thomas add a dose of eclectic charm to Lynette Ward’s new build on Skidaway Island.

- Fresh Start: 
Accountant Rob Cordasco enlists interior designer Lily Brown to transform a historic brick rowhouse into a cozy respite for him and his children.

- Off the Beaten Path: 
Curry & Company’s Curry Salandi brings a breath of fresh air to Felicia McManamy’s riverfront cottage.

- Ashby in Wonderland: The secret gardens of Ashby Angell—Trustees’ Garden Club royalty, blue blood and green thumb.

- My Favorite Places: Realtors Lori Judge, Cliff Murse, Karen Thomas, Celia Dunn, Matthew Allan and Elaine Sebolt share how they get away from it all.


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