2016 March/April

2016 March/April

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Family Secrets (pg. 84): They say it takes a village to raise a child—but did you know a child can raise a village? We asked local parents for their insights on nurturing happy, healthy Savannahians—with the hope that we might parent our way to a stronger, smarter city. So take a look at our future. Right now, it’s pretty cute—and it’s getting brighter every day.

The Fur Factor (pg. 100): What do you get when the critters outnumber the humans in one small house? Not a fairy tale, but something close to it. A fable, perhaps? The moral to the story is something all Savannah pet owners can understand. PLUS: Follow our guide to animal rescue and start a fur family of your own.

Savannah’s Legal Eagles (pg. 124): We’ve come a long way since General Oglethorpe famously outlawed attorneys. The Savannah Bar boasts more than 400 members—and many of them are truly outstanding.  The lawyers on this list were handpicked by a jury of their peers and vetted with the Georgia Bar Association.  Keep this local resource for when you need it most.


Also includes: Savannah Buzz, Style, Home, Taste, Health, Seen, and more! 


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