2016 May/June

2016 May/June

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Right on ‘Cue (pg. 88): Time was, folks thought Georgia barbecue was only about the pig. But the joints, shacks, sheds and roadhouses peppering our near-pristine coast speak to a wider palate. Follow us on the road to a dozen hot spots on our inaugural trip up the barbecue trail.

Al Fresco Dining (pg. 104): Beneath the stars, barefoot in the grass or bathing under a golden sun, our coastal clime beckons us to gather friends, spread a blanket and break bread together. The delectable duo behind the Hams and Yams food blog shows us how to pack the perfect picnic.

- Some Enchanted Eating (pg. 116): In our quest to become a true food destination, Savannah has reached its share of milestones: decadent dishes and inspired ingredients that keep us hungry for more. Join our team of talented tasters on a tour of the city’s flavor profiles, as we share our top cravings—and their creative culinary cures.


Also includes: Savannah Buzz, Style, Home, Taste, Health, Seen, and more! 


There's no place like Savannah. That's why there's nothing like Savannah magazine. 


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