2019 July/August

2019 July/August

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The Life on the Water Issue

Better By Boat
A guide to Savannah's most seaworthy day trips
By Jen Wiggins
Photography by Parker Stewart

Marina Days
A visit with Waterline Up
By Alexis Orgera
Photography by Mike Schalk

In Conversation With
Ruthie Seese and Ellie Titus
By Emily Testa
Photography by Geoff L. Johnson

Safekeeping the Savannah River
Savannah Riverkeeper's Dave Mewborn takes Savannah magazine out on the water
By Anna Chandler
Photography by Beau Kester

River Revival
Building a new neighborhood one hand-tumbled brick at a time
By Sara Watson

Class Times
News and events from Savannah schools
By Ann Hart

Featuring our annual Savannah Health guide with recipes for success, migraine prevention, skincare products, inspiring stories and more