2020 March/April

2020 March/April

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The Style Issue

The Art of Dressing
Tulicarpa transforms medieval Spanish paintings into dresses and scarves
By Nicole Blackwood

Spring Harvest
Forsyth Farmers' Market boosts its mission with a new food program
By Steven Alford

Tennis Love
Work it on and off the court in athletic-inspired looks
By Sylvie Baggett
Photography by Lauren Jones

Natural Adornments
Jewelry crafted from leather, pearls and opals lends an organic touch
Photography by Beau Kester

Life Jacket
A fashion designer's jean jacket is the epitome of sustainable style
By Emily Bargeron

Fest Fashion
These rockin' outfits are sure to get an encore
Styled by Kelsey Bucci

Courtroom Drama
Meet seven law professionals who set the bar high when it comes to creative hobbies

The Ruling
Savannah's top attorneys are selected by a jury of their peers — and vetted by the Georgia Bar Association