2024 March/April

2024 March/April "The Shop, Do, Dine Local Issue"

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In the March/April 2024 issue of Savannah magazine…

BACK TO BROUGHTON: With the first construction phase on Savannah’s high street complete, retail stalwarts reflect on the road’s enduring draw.

BEHIND THE BARDO: The revamped urban resort on Forsyth Park beckons as equal parts social hub and stylish stay.

OFF THE CLOCK: Local chefs dish on where they like to eat, drink, date and unwind on their days off.

SAVANNAHIANS AFTER DARK: As the heart of the city keeps beating around the clock, meet six locals who help take care of Savannah from the late hours of the night to the early morning.

JOIN UP WITH JULU: The self-proclaimed “introverted extrovert” shares where her free-spirited lifestyle takes her on the regular.